When I started Nothing Wavering six months ago, I expected to make rapid progress on additional features.  However, shortly after the launch, I was promoted to Director of Software Development over my division at work.  Simultaneously, my development team suddenly became smaller, so in addition to new responsibilities, we were also picking up the slack left by those who were no longer working for us.  So many of my plans for Nothing Wavering had to be pushed off.

I apologize to those who have applied for inclusion in the portal and have not been added yet.  I will be evaluating the remaining blogs over the next couple of weeks, as well as publishing admission guidelines so that you will know what I am looking for.

Please feel free to leave comments with your questions, comments, or suggestions, as well as any bugs you have found.

In addition to announcing new features, and newly listed blogs, I will also be linking to other blogs here that may not qualify for inclusion in the portal, but are worth your while and looking for additional readers.

Nothing Wavering will be launching some exciting new features for the Orthodox LDS Community, including a Podcast, with cutting edge technology that will allow you to record comments, questions, and podcast topic suggestions over the phone, with the potential for your recording to be included in the next podcast episode.  Feel free to test it out before the first episode.

Finally, a number of people have asked for a banner to place on their blogs to show that they are part of Nothing Wavering.

Here is the image:

You can add it to your blog using the following markup:

If your blog is listed on Nothing Wavering, or if you support the vision of Nothing Wavering and want to help promote it, please consider adding it to your blog.  If you need personal help adding it, I would be happy to give more detailed instructions.

Thanks!  And I look forward to working with you to promote the Church on the web.