Twitter has become an increasingly popular mode of following internet content and friends.  During the October 2008 General Conference, many people conversed about the conference in real time by following the twitter hash tag #ldsconf (Learn more about General Conference and twitter in this post at the Official LDS technology site).

Nothing Wavering will now allow you to follow new content through twitter.  Twitter provides an additional way to direct traffic to good, mainstream and orthodox LDS content.  New posts on LDS Blogs, by LDS Bloggers, and aggregated on Official Church Feeds, as well as aggregated General Conference audio and video, will now be available through twitter as well as through RSS Feed and Email Subscriptions.

Blogs included on can enjoy increased exposure to their content from twitter readers, and hopefully increased readership and influence.


Additionally you can follow new content on this blog.

You will also see the twitter icon (twitter icon) in each section of Nothing Wavering.  You can click it to go to the twitter account for that section.

Let me know what you think.